Complete Spray Line with Oven

Machine ID: 006593

Year Mfr: 2007

Condition: As Taken From Service

Location: Midwest

Voltage: 480V, 60Hz, 3Ph

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This line is still under power and available for inspection.  
Manufacturer specs (To be confirmed):

  • 4' Automatic Spray Finishing Line for Water Based Stain
  • Hot Air Oven
  • The line is designed to apply stain with a rotating spray machine with (2) circuits. The line has a "U shaped conveyor and drying oven in order to return the product to the front of the line. 
  • Transfer Conveyor
  • Panel Cleaning Machine
  • Giardina 401-Dry Spray Machine, Spray Booth, Suction Unit
  • Spray Booth: Room has carbon structural steel and pre-lacquered & shaped sheet panels; air recycling system in the internal part of the booth is complete with axial fan and filter on the spray booth ceiling.
  • Suction Unit: Dry finishing fumes are sucked up by (2) pipes on the conveyor side with trays, pre-filters, and final filters; fumes are exhausted by means of a fan.
  • Control by: Electronic control unit with keypad; machine function control is carried out by means of a PLC series "TXS57".
  • The operator can choose on the keyboard the panels working width and guns will be automatically chosed & opened.
  • A photocell in the center at the conveyor inlet side reads the piece and guides the opening & closing amplitude on the piece. Explosion proof lighting either in the Spray Booth or the post-chamber. 
  • Technical Features:
-- Max. useful working width: 1,300 mm (51-1/8").
-- Min. length of the pieces: 300 mm (11-7/8").
-- Max. working thickness: 90 mm (3-1/2").
-- Gun supporting wheel (carrier) diameter: 1,840 mm (72-3/8").
-- Vertical stroke of the unit: 120 mm (4-3/4").
-- Adjustable running speed: 2 - 6 m/Min. (6.5 - 19.6 FPM).
-- No. of guns: 10+10.
-- Rotation speed: 50 - 170 m/Min (164 - 558 FPM).
-- Exhaust chute dimensions: 400 x 560 mm (15-3/4" - 22").
-- Exhausted air volume: 14,000 m³/h (8,240 CFM).
-- Exhaust fan power: 4 kW.

Manufacturer Giardina
Model Complete Spray Line with Oven
Year 2007
Voltage 480V, 60Hz, 3Ph
Machine Location Midwest