Profimat 26S

Machine ID: 005397

Year Mfr: 2003

Condition: Good Condition

Location: South

Voltage: 480V, 60Hz, 3Ph

Contact: CMS Sales
704-288-1904 Ext:
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The owner of the machine purchased this machine for a specific project and that has been completed.  He has no need for the machine now.

  • 5-Head machine: working cap 9-1/16" x 4-11/16"
  • Head sequence: Bottom 10HP, right & left by 15HP, top 15HP and bottom 10HP motor
  • Mechanical brakes all spindles
  • Spindle diameter: 1-1/2" with cutterhead speed of 6,000RPM
  • Mechanical digital readouts all spindles: Digiset readouts for left and top spindles, Digital readouts for chipbreakers and pressure element at top spindle
  • Short Stock package: Groove guide table plates up to top spindle for parts up to 48" 
  • Groove cutter set at first bottom spindle
  • Reduced distance feed roller opposite left spindle
  • Weinig EM 10 hopper feeder: pneumatically operated
  • Feed system: Feed motor 5HP, variable speed of 20-78 FPM
  • Infeed straigtening: 2M (6'6") table, side pressure roller mounted to infeed table
    • Central lubrication system
    • Table inserts for right/left vertical spindles and groove guide manual Waxilit pump
  • Grooved bed for small parts
  • Fruilmac FN 3 return conveyor and 6' 0" diameter motorized round table for feeding parts back to the operator
  • Dimensions: 144"L x 84"W x 84"H (approx)
  • Weight: 5,500lbs (approx)

Manufacturer Weinig
Model Profimat 26S
Year 2003
Voltage 480V, 60Hz, 3Ph
Machine Location South