Machine ID: 005175

Year Mfr: 2016

Condition: Brand New With Warranty

Location: USA

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Roller dryer vacuum feeders, for feeding 3 – 6 decks dryers. Capacity to cycle up to 24 loads per minute.


Model 1: The vacuum bin moves back and lowers to the veneer bundle to pick up the veneer and move it against the squaring stop. 
Model 2: The vacuum bin is stationary,  the veneer needs to be flipped up to be caught by the vacuum and move forward by means of rollers against the squaring stop.
Model 3: With vertical moving pick-up mouths,  the veneer is brought up against the moving roller to be transported against the squaring stop.
Veneer is fed to the infeed section of the dryer by means of full rubbered rollers to avoid splitting of thinner veneer.
Integration with veneer bundles transport system,  with side or front loading,   for pallets,  platforms or bulk veneer.

Manufacturer FEZER
Model VAC
Year 2016
Machine Location USA