Fezer Overhead Travelling Grinder MR

Contact: Ralph Viegelmann

Built for high precision knife grinding and intermediate grinding operations, the MR Grinders are robust, with high stability, including the most advanced technology for grinding knives of several applications.

  • Main frame suitable for intermediate and severe operation regime.
  • Stepless carriage speed variation.
  • Main frame built of steel plates for a rigid structure, the frame is stress relieved allowing linear expansion without distortion.
  • Carriage guides with interchangeable steel strips.
  • Mechanical system for automatic grinding wheel feeding movement and motorized rapid movement.
  • 20HP grinding wheel motor (increase of power by request).
  • Grinding wheel with inserted nuts for easy and quick replacement.
  • Coolant tank with pump and coolant delivery with two adjustable nozzles plus one central nozzle through motor shaft.