Fezer Drum Chipper

Contact: Ralph Viegelmann

The wide range of machine sizes, main drive power and feeding speed, allows the FEZER Drum Chipper to work with different production capacities and chip sizes, totally satisfying the customer's needs.  Used for a wide variety of materials including; solid wood, trims, log pieces, veneer and others.

  • The knives cut against a primary anvil and after chipped, the material goes through the screen under the drum. All left-over material will be chipped on a secondary anvil until it reaches the correct size to pass through the screen.
  • Machined teeth infeed drive rolls divided in two groups; Lower rolls are assembled on fixed postion and the Upper rolls are asembled on a pivoted structure, allowing vertical movement which ensures constant pressure on the material and an even feeding.  
  • The infeed drive rolls are driven by heavy duty gearmotors.
  • The machine can be equipped with pressing roller at the infeed, used when irregular volume material such as veneer waste and wood barks need to be handled, ensuring an even material flow going into the machine.