Fezer Retifica Plana Heavy-Duty Grinder

Contact: Ralph Viegelmann

Specially built for severe operation regime, the RP Grinders are robust with high stability and they include the most advanced technology for knife grinding or heavy-duty grinding on flat parts fabrication.

  • Main frame built of steel plates for a rigid structure, the frame is stress relieved allowing linear expansion without distortion.  
  • Carriage guides with interchangeable steel strips on both upper and lower side.
  • Stepless carriage speed variation.
  • Ball screw shaft for grinding wheel vertical movement with mechanical system for automated feeding and motorized rapid movement.
  • Coolant tank with pump and coolant delivery with four adjustable nozzles plus one central nozzle through the motor shaft.
  • Segmented grinding wheel.
  • Up to 60HP grinding wheel motor.
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