OMGA Woodworking Machinery Notching Machine- Model TI 88

Contact: Ralph Viegelmann

The TI 88 is specially designed for any kind of Colonial Style window or door grilles, furniture frames, decorative panels and ceilings. The machine is equipped with three cutters to notch the three sides at the same time. A pneumatic work piece feeder, adjustable from 10 to 600 mm, together with an electrical pulse counter enables the programming of the finished part with a pre-determined number of notches at a constant pitch. The machine works on continuous cycle until it reaches the end of the strip to be machined, at an average rate of 10 cycles per minute. A system of counter profiles and the retraction of the heads during the return stroke prevent any chipping of the finished part. The the side tracks are automatically lubricated by a central system. The TI 88 can also prepare the outside frame of the grille on which normally only one side has to be notched. It is in fact possible exclude the top or the bottom cutter with a selector switch conveniently located in the front control panel. When the components of the outside frame are precut to length, the first center to center distance being normally different from the intermediate ones, the first notch is done by positioning the stick against a pneumatic length stop. In the case of simple grills the machine can also work in a continuous cycle with one cutter only.